About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Darya Karelina. I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 6 years by now, a person are truly believing that harmony in everything, clean eating, physical activity, health and enjoying life should exist as a whole. 

I was born in Russia, but I have spent the largest part of my life in Ukraine. There I have developed from a person who had never been involved into sports and healthy eating habits, who had gained a variety of health issues due to that, to a successful fitness expert.

I managed to go through a double transformation from losing weight to gaining muscles. That is why I understand my customers very well on each stage of their work on their bodies. I have never been a sports person. I did not do any sports as a child and when I entered the gym for the first time, I could not do a single push-up. My eating habits were so dreadful that I still cannot believe it was me. That kind of lifestyle lead me to gaining 22 lbs of extra weight as well as some serious health issues.

One day I decided to lose weight and I started dieting and working out (I could not even understand how people actually liked it). As a person always delving into any subject, I was gradually learning something new, was studying the new thing, and was changing as well. Fitness was my hobby at first and then it grew into my career. Since I have written my first article at my Russian website daryakarelina.com (which is now one of the most popular Russian fitness-blogs nowadays), I have helped hundreds of people change their life for good, like I did it myself long time ago. I look a lot better now when I’m 30 than I used to when I was 23. And I have forgotten about my health issues. Each day of my life is full of power, energy, joy and motivation.

I believe that our well-being combines our physical activity, eating habits and mental health. That is why I moved to NYC in August 2014, then I entered CUNY and started studying psychology. 

As the science studying nutrition and sports is quite young so far, I am constantly learning new things about it and broaden my horizon. Moreover, for over two years I have been writing articles for the most popular Russian magazines about health and fitness, such as Iron World and Health. By the way, it is where I could apply my linguistic skills, as my first science degree is Master of Science in the Ukrainian language and Literature. I had a dream to become a journalist some time ago.

I am only beginning my new way in a new country. I managed to achieve great success in Ukraine: I was and I still am a famous fitness expert there. I was a TV host, I was featured in advertisement, I appeared in some shows as an expert. I also hosted several YouTube channels quite successfully. I developed and issued online teaching courses on nutrition and fitness. I have also had several e-books on fitness published in Russian. At the current moment, besides online and offline customer coaching here in NYC I started working as a personal trainer at Equinox. I have been a customer of Equinox for a year or so, and I like the values and business approach of this gym chain. That is why I am pleased to continue developing along with them.

 If you and I have common values I would be more than glad to help you reach the goals you wish to achieve.

My service includes:

  • Consultations on healthy lifestyle, nutrition, training, eating habits, etc.
  • Personal training
  • Individual nutrition and workout plans
  • Full-time support and coaching on the way to your goals.

I am also working as a fitness consultant and a fitness model. 

You can send your questions and/or job offers to my email address dasha@karelinafitness.com

My transformation

Healthy lifestyle is new beauty

I participated in competitions (IFBB, bikini division)

My certificates






I am a member of American Society of Nutrition and New York Road Runners