My clients
My clients

I've starting to work with Slava and his girlfriend in August in New York.
I developed a training program, diet. We meet periodically to personal training, as well as in between session I try to give a maximum support to guys when they exercise and eat by themselves.
Below you can see just the first result, first steps.
Despite the fact that because of the work (tourist guide in New York City) Slava often do not have time to eat or go to the gym (it was not all smooth and perfect), from August to December, he has lost about 40 pounds.


I used to believe I could never reach the results I want at all and now I am getting them, and more, after just a few months training with Dariya. She developed a successful individual program just for me that I am actually able to follow on my own. Nutrition, exercising, workouts, some pretty good life advice as well. :) When she trains me now she corrects my mistakes, introduces to me new exercises and equipment, inspires me to go on. In between sessions I get all the answers to questions I might have through texts and emails. She is an extremely efficient, competent and energetic personal trainer, highly recommend"


Dasha, I would like to thank you for your online consultations on nutrition and training; for the positive attitude for changes, for believing in me! And here is what it came to! I won the contest called 'Body Revolution' in our fitness-club 'Press-Center' (Chita, Zabaikalsky region, Russia). So everything is possible - in case anyone still does not believe and wishes to avoid responsibility for all going on in their lives, seeks for reasons and tickles his vanity by eating cakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Nadezhda Antsukevich

Hi, everyone!

I decided to share my story with you. I have already mentioned that Dasha had changed my life completely, and not only mine in fact, as I motivate everybody around me - all my friends started visiting the gym.
My story is not typical at all, as I am gaining weight, not losing. My main problems are my stomach and my butt, all grows so slow. My upper body is quite sporty and I initially did not want to train it, but now I want it all - well-trained legs and butt, and nice shoulders and arms along. In general, lots of work is expected.
I have 3 weight trainings a week, 2400 kcal and 6 meals a day.
Here are my intermediate results in measurements (Sep-Dec):

height 5' 8"
weight 114 lbs - 122 lbs
bust 35 - 35 inches
waist 25.5 - 26.3 inches
hips 35 - 36.6 inches
Measurements show that not only my butt grew, my waist did as well, at first I freaked out, but now I don't care much. I held an experiment by adding cardio training, and my waist started shredding. Plus on the picture one can see that my abs are showing despite the fact that I don't do cardio at the moment.
Here is what I realized:
1. Nutrition is the base of all!!! All these 3 months I am watching guys and girls work out in the gym, and I can say for sure - you will not see good results unless you sort out your nutrition habits.
2. I used to eat a little, and I felt like I was eating a whole lot even when I only had 2000 kcal!!! At first I was tired of cooking so much food, as I was used to cooking dinner only, to cooking different things in small amounts. Now I load a baking roll full of 4.5 lbs of chicken into the oven, I grill at least 4,5 lbs of fish at a time, or 4 lbs of turkey, half a package of buckwheat is eaten within 2-3 days, 12 boiled eggs - within 3 days. And no problem at all, all is fast and easy.
3. You should not eat what you don't like. Clean eating does not only mean boiled chicken breast. I eat hard shell noodles (it contains more protein than rice does) with feta cheese and chicken breast, where chicken breast is never boiled, but baked as a large piece, otherwise it will taste like rubber. I also eat rice with squids in tomato sauce, turkey steaks with flavoring herbs, mashed lentils, or fish baked in the oven. In general, clean eating is tasty, you should simply find your variants.
4. Measurements and pictures serve as the best motivators when you are ready to give up everything. In the middle of December I had my first breakdown, nothing was growing, I was tired. Then I found my old pictures, I put my old ones and new ones together, and my mood got a lot better. Other before-after examples and role models also inspire me a lot, and this is why I am sharing my results with you.
Dasha, thank you so much once again for your work!
Ladies, I hope you will make it and reach the body of your dream!
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!
P.S.: I have just found my 'favorite' summer picture (after which I decided that I could not wait any longer) and added it into the collage.

Irina Trotsenko

I would like to try to describe my story as well which is still not finished. To begin with, I wish to point out that I have never been fat as I was an active child and we followed mostly clean eating in our family. But then my student life began and, believe it or not, I started gaining weight, not losing. And at first the reason was in my life together with my boyfriend. We would never go out, would sit in front of the computer most of the time and would have beer, chips, pizza and other stuff in huge amounts. What's funny - I did not even notice my weight gain at that moment. I thought that everything was fine. And my beloved is right beside me and he loves me. My world seemed so great. The latest scale number I could remember at that time was 174 lbs. But after that I would be too scared to step on a scale and I just crossed them out of my life. I had a sober 'look' at myself right after our relationship had been over. I decided to change myself. And I started with group fitness classes. They helped me avoid thinking about my personal life and at the same time I was losing weight. I lost about 45 lbs in a year. And I was so happy about it! Since that moment sport has become an integral part of me. I just can't sit at home. I get real pleasure from going to the gym, from people working out there and I do not understand those who avoid it. Just recently I came across Dasha's blog and I was totally amazed. It is my inspiration. And now I am having a totally new period. I want to reach my ideal and I am not afraid. I want to wake up in the morning and see my changes. And thanks to Dasha it will happen. I always had a problem with clean eating. I would have a breakdown and eat everything and then I would realize it was bad and I would stop eating. As a result, I would gain weight and then lose weight But that is wrong. I need to find a balance in my eating. And this website showed me a different world of nutrition. In a couple of weeks I lost 5 lbs! And I did not starve, as portions were big enough. And all food items were ones that I really like. It is a great surprise for me. And I feel that my body thanks me for my stable eating. I have just started this way and I hope I will have no breakdowns. And if I do, I will just go forward anyway.

Anna Mischenko

At the end of August, no idea how, but I found Darya and her blog. I have always dreamt of a shape like that, every minute of my life. Usually all girls try to find sport ladies with a shape like theirs, and I have found mine in Dasha's. I wanted to have a body everyone would be amazed by. I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition, but I had been visiting gym for two years by that moment, the old one with old machines and with only exercise bikes for cardio, but I still lost 19 lbs without clean eating. And at the beginning of this year I told myself "I WANT IT". I started going to a different gym where my trainer wrote me a program to visit gym 5 times a week, and I did on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat. It was a really nice training process, a real pleasure to work, to look in the mirror and to see a new body. In Dasha's blog I found information on how to count calories, I bought all proper food she was stating in the article except for macaroni which I never liked anyway. Then I bought books which she shared as well, and I started working. As a result, I lost 9 lbs, but then I went to visit my Grandma and had a breakdown - I ate pies and cakes. Good thing it only lasted for two days, when I got home, I kept eating clean. On my birthday I got a kitchen scale, and I started weighing everything, all tiny things. Clean eating became my new habit. The only problem was with my parents who were angry at me weighing all food. My mom was angry even more, as I would say no to all food she would cook like fried burgers, fried potatoes, etc. Dasha, thank you for my motivation, I don't know how but you changed my eating habits without even noticing, I could never imagine I would have such results. Here are my pictures: first is me with a result in a month, second shows the result in two and a half years. :)


Natalia is super-persistent. That's her after one month of eating healthy. She started losing weight together with Liza. She hasn't started going to the gym yet. But she's improved her diet, even though it was difficult at first. I'm glad she's making progress.
September 1, 2012


Unfortunately, Anya's results on photographs were removed due to her personal request. But trust me, she tried really hard! I am publishing her story here: "Hi, everyone! I would like to share my story with you. It was the beginning of September. Looked like a usual day at a first sight. I was busy with my usual things and when I got some free minutes, I got on the Internet to look at nice bodies, to read some information about sports, etc. While I was learning how beautiful girls' bodies could be, a quiet voice in my head was telling me: 'Everything is possible; you can be like that, just do it!' But by that moment my faith in myself had been broken. By that moment I had already been visiting fitness clubs during the period from September, 2011 to February, 2012, I had been taking personal training and I had not seen ANY (!!!) results! Maybe I needed a different trainer?? I got a different one. I was working out 3 times a week. And again the result was only in gaining my sustaining power. I did not see any changes visually. After that I started thinking that I would never be able to do it, and I gave up and did not want anything. It would do as it was. Especially when nice people around me kept saying: 'We wish we could have such a body, stop whining!' Plus when I picked nice trousers, good pantyhose and all nice-fitting clothes – I was a superstar! But I wanted to be a superstar without clothes. Nevertheless, all my activity would end up with looking at nice pictures and with being sure I would start working out next Monday. I don't remember when I reached my breaking point, but I realized that I should pull myself together and take a first step. I downloaded a bunch of pictures onto my laptop, I looked through them every day, and I registered in different social groups. I started cultivating the faith in my head! And then in September, surfing the Internet once again I came across Darya Karelina's page. Wonderful girl, beautiful body, and she was also an online-trainer. I was struck by thunder and I decided right away that was a great opportunity!!! I really liked that special moment that I could talk to her straight, ask questions, talk about difficulties, and in hard moments I would always have a person who would tell me 'Get up now! You'll get there!' I took the decision and we started working. New nutrition plan was quite a change for me! But I was eager to try it. It was a little unusual to carry my food with me for the first week or so, but I liked it. Every day got a special meaning, I got a goal and by saying no to each candy I was getting closer to my goal. Of course, I had breakdowns. When I went home to visit relatives, first days I would stick to clean eating. Then I would decrease the number of meals a day, then the contents would change as well, at last I would start eating the same food. It's a good thing it never lasted long, but it was hard to get back to my plan. But it was not that bad. )) I came to a very interesting conclusion, I think it would be useful for lots of people. When I got tired of carrying containers with me, sports outfit, laptop and bunch of other things, I decided not to carry food with me, but to eat low-calorie food at a café: Russian salad, buckwheat, cabbage salad, etc. I thought it was all low-fat, healthy and good for me. But I ended up having 3 meals a day, plus I could not weigh my portions, and it all stuck. I even thought for a moment my stomach got bigger. I had a week in such order and realized that it was not the same at all and that I should come back to my previous nutrition plan! It again proves the importance of nutrition in the training process! Working hard in the gym for 100% and then eating chocolate and fried potatoes do not combine and do not lead to any result! That is why I ask you not to copy my mistakes, keep following the trustworthy plan and you will succeed! Now, 2 months later I can see the intermediate result which I never had in my life! I have never been fat, my biggest number on a scale was 110-114 lbs (and I am 5'2" tall), but I always wanted to have a flat tummy and a well-shaped butt. ) Now I enjoy my looks in the mirror and I only gain power to move on and become even better! So, please, ladies, remember that you are beautiful! All is possible! Believe in yourselves! It is not as hard as it seems at a first sight! You should believe and make the first step! All is easy. Think of you being thin, think of the bunch of power and good mood you will feel! You should enjoy everything, and then breakdowns will be minimal! Join the fit club, become beautiful, healthy and happy! Good luck!


This is one of those rare stories about gaining weight and not about losing it. There are people among those who wish to change their bodies and not all of them dream of losing weight, but of gaining as well. I'm sure Margo's story will inspire lots of others suffering from their meagerness and blaming their genetics. All is possible :) Below you can find the result of hard work for a short period of time. Margo was training on her own. I only helped her with a program and a nutrition plan. She keeps on working further wishing to reach the sporty looks.
P.S.: Not only did Margo change her lifestyle by clean eating and working out, but she also stopped drinking alcohol. She is a real role model!


Marina was one of the most careful and diligent students I've ever had. She would study all topics very easily, would pick all things up in seconds and practically did not need any regular support. Her result astonished me.
Marina wrote her own story. Maybe some people would recognize themselves in it, and it would be useful for them. "I would like to thank Dasha for the greatest deal she is into! The problem of obesity is very urgent nowadays. It is great that there are people trying to tell others the rules of clean and regular eating. Even if everyday working-out at a gym can eventually become a rule for everybody, but eating clean to be healthy is in power for everyone. It's so easy! ;) My story is not unique. I was never obese, even though I ate everything I wanted. When I was 16 I went to the US for a year and gained a lot of weight there. When I got back home I lost it all on some unbelievable and unhealthy diets. My body was young, so it was easy ;) Then I even managed to keep the same weight till I turned 25 years old. After I got married I went through the rough period at work – loads of extra work, no time for fitness, willing to snack with some Snicker bar to stimulate my brain activity. I would come home late at night – and my husband would be waiting for me with a late dinner – fried potatoes and other tasty things. How could I say no? He was trying to please me. And in 6 months or so I gained over 25 lbs and I did not even notice it. My clothes got a little tighter, but my husband and other friends around were telling me I looked great – so all seemed OK.
My vacation pictures literally opened my eyes. I decided to start visiting the gym. To have no fake excuses I began working out in the mornings. As it's easy to say I'm tired in the evening or to stay late at work or to go out with friends. And in the morning there can be no excuses. 6 months of regular training helped me lose only half of extra weight. And then the weight stuck. I was working out with the help of a personal trainer, but he could not help me in any way with my nutrition. Other than kefir and buckwheat :) it was quite funny. Then I included massage and body wraps. I can't say it did not help at all. But the effect is hardly visible.:) It was visible only in my wallet. But all massage experts are good psychologists. I know it now and now I can truly evaluate the results. And back then my massage lady was telling me my problem zones can only be destroyed with a super-massage, but I should stop going to the gym, as it affects the massage results. As I stood on one weight for half a year by that moment, I gave it up and went to yoga classes instead. I was going to a yoga class 5 times a week. It also included new hot yoga (classes in a room with the temperature 100-108°F and humidity at least 40%). The commercial says all Hollywood stars are into this type of yoga, especially Madonna. And you lose at least 2 lbs in an hour (haha, then you drink some water and get your 2 lbs back). As a result of that activity, I gained all lost pounds back. And I never thought about my nutrition yet. If you lose 2 lbs for an hour, why not eat a slice of pizza? In general after experimenting with myself I realized I should go back to the gym and figure out something with my nutrition. I started devoting much time to the nutrition topic. But I could not avoid mistakes on my way. I caught the main idea, but planning the menu ahead, cooking my food and taking it out with me, counting calories seemed way too much. It also seemed really hard. Six months later I got the same picture, part of weight was lost, but the process stopped. I could not understand what the problem was. I do not eat anything bad, I work out 3-5 times a week. But the effect expected did not appear. I started taking out the proper (as I thought) food with me, but as I see it all today, I was making way too many mistakes. I started thinking that there were some secrets behind. For example, maybe I should start taking protein and amino-acids at some right time – and the process will go. I was looking for some magic pill. And that's when I found Dasha's blog! There was tons of information there! All nutrition principles, recipes, lots of motivation from other girls. Take it and use it! But I wanted to be sure I was doing everything right that time :) I have waisted way too much time on trying and mistaking, but I finally wanted to see my results. I wrote Dasha, filled out a huuuuge question form and started waiting for a program. Dasha wrote me a menu stating when and what I was supposed to eat. At a first sight, it seemed a little scary. I was afraid that I would be hungry for something prohibited and bad; that I would be starving to death (especially when I saw that I should have 35 grams of cereal for breakfast :)). But no problems appeared before me!!! At all! I was not hungry. All food was delicious! Dasha showed me the main idea of creating the menu and it was easy to understand. So I could start writing my menu in the way to help me enjoy my food. They say that if you give a man one fish, he will be fed for one day, if you give him two fish, he will be fed for two days, and if you teach him how to fish, he will be fed till the rest of his life. Dasha taught me how to fish! Cooking was not a problem as well. In the morning I cook only cereal. As for eat and chicken, I cook those for 2-3 days ahead in the evenings. Results totally amazed me! In a month only I lost 11 lbs of fat! My waist lost 2.5 inches, my hips lost almost 2 inches. I can now wear clothes I used to wear like 8 years ago! But before starting Dasha's menu I could not lose anything for 6 months! I finally saw the muscles that I worked on in the gym. My work colleagues of course started asking me about my new eating habits, and later they got used to it. But when they could finally see the results, they started asking me to give them some advice as well. My husband was so inspired by such an effect of the nutrition program and asked me to write a program for himself! And I did it! 3 weeks of clean eating made him lose over 3 inches in his waist!
My eating habits have also changed for that month. All I enjoyed eating before was not tasty for me anymore. Counting calories disciplines you a lot and makes you think of what you eat. Even healthy food eaten in the wrong time of the day or in the wrong amount can make you gain weight. I wish people would not go by trial and error like I did! As losing weight is really easy! I want to thank Dasha once again for making this world better!! I hope that there will be more and more people in the future trying to eat clean and teaching their children to eat clean since their childhood!"
Marina lost 11 lbs in a month. The difference displayed on pictures is two months, as Marina took part in a photo shoot and showed her results there (August, 2013). She is real motivation and a great role model for everybody!


Lost 22 lbs for 2,5 months. I wrote her a nutrition program considering the moment that she was a nursing mom. And she was training AT HOME ONLY watching CDs. She is a great example to show that everything is possible. Nastya keeps losing weight even now. Good girl!
I would like to quote Nastya's words that she wrote under her Instagram picture:"How does it feel now without those 22 lbs? It feels just great! How did I do that? I wanted it and @darya_karelina wrote me a nutrition plan. I was doing everything according to that plan. 95%. And here it is."


She is the biggest motivation for all moms with little kids. It is my hard-working lady, my student Lesya. Her child is 1 year old. Lesya is working out 4 times a week, tries to eat clean all the time. And it is just the beginning. Not only has Lesya decided to get back into shape postpartum, but she now wants to get a nice sporty look.

Here are some videos with Lesya on our new channel. Follow us!


Arina: the results of losing weight

Arina is a very good girl! She managed to reach the wished goals, and now she is making me happy by posting her pictures of healthy food on Instagram :)
Arina's story:
"How did my story begin? All is absolutely trivial and simple. Not enough activity, lack of sports in my life and of course totally unhealthy eating and constant snacks containing buns, chocolate bars and cookies with tea. No wonder my body lost the forms I used to have. As a result, all those unhealthy things lead to extra body fat which was pretty much expected. Honestly, I could hardly understand how important it was to eat clean, to eat more often and to work out. A whole year long I was trying to lose weight through dieting, following some advices and other silly things. I would lose a little weight, literally a couple of pounds, and then I would put it back on and even more. But one day I reached a breaking point when I decided that I couldn't live like that anymore. That this extra weight kills my self-esteem, disturbs my choice of new clothes, spoils my health and covers my beauty. That was when I came across Dasha's page. That was a peak. Dasha agreed to become my trainer on a distance.
I understood that it would not be easy, but I was sure deep inside that with that kind of a trainer everything would be ok. And yes, I was right! Honestly, I did not expect that I would need to fill out such a huge question form with tons of questions (I think that first of all it says a lot about the trainer's qualification), after that I started receiving multiple files and documents from Dasha containing detailed and comprehensive training program, as for nutrition, it was a separate topic, because I received not only the program itself, but the knowledge which was very important for me, and plenty of recipes from Dasha as a bonus. Of course it was really hard to start, very hard to re-adjust my life when I used to eat trash all the time. But Dasha was there for me. She is there for me even now. I am only on a starting point, this iron world keeps plenty of interesting and undiscovered things for me yet, but when I have any questions, I know now who to turn to. There are thousands of answers, but I trust only those ones that are given to me by my trainer. Because I see the result. And this result cannot help but make me happy!
I did not stop on the point reached, I eat often and clean (honestly, I cannot see myself without it), lots of time is now devoted to training. You know, it feels like the world has changed for me. ) Like those extra pounds were covering the whole world from me, I gained power, energy, will and discipline. I am glad that I know Dasha Karelina. I am glad that she is my trainer. Dasha, you are our sunshine, you open people's eyes and make lives brighter, lighter and better. Thank you for the new me.)"
Personally from me: Thank you, Arina, for such wonderful words. Your success, your changes, health and happiness help me find energy for work, for self-development and for other things which I cannot imagine my life without!


I started training with Dasha as I was inspired by her shape. When I was asked why I chose her I would say: 'Have you seen her booty? I want the same one!' And questions would stop right away. We had been training together for about a year. I was very happy to see my results. It was the best shape I have even had in my life, and I was excited about the upcoming summer season. But it turned out that I was pregnant with a second baby. My older daughter was 10. Thanks to the fact that my body was trained enough and that I kept eating clean, I did not gain any extra weight, only what was planned. I did not have any cellulite until I reached the last month of pregnancy. And I did not feel any back pain at all. I realized how important it was to train regularly and to eat clean even if you plan to get pregnant. And the most pleasant thing for me was that I returned to my great shape in several months. My doctor allowed me to train in a light mode in one and a half months postpartum, even though I was after a C-section. I started training right away, as I could not wait any longer. We began with light exercises with my own weight. Plus I kept watching what I was eating. And of course my muscles remembered the exercise load. I got back into shape a lot faster than I did after my first baby. That is why, girls, you should train and eat clean and take care of yourself. All is possible!


I always tried to stay in a good shape: I would follow various diets, I would starve, I would stop eating after 6 p.m., and lots of other silly things. I think I am not the only one in this... But what I would reach every time was a skinny body without any forms that would make me happy. I visited gym on a regular basis and I also devoted my free time at home for exercising. I could not understand – why?! What am I doing wrong? And then... I happened to visit a very informative seminar which took place in a sunny country called Greece. There were lots of smart people with various interests and policies of their lives there. And that was where I saw Darya for the first time! I do not know why, but something told me that person was able to help me. It was a good seminar and I learned lots of new things for me, but I wanted to learn more. Then I happened to find out Darya was holding a seminar online. I was looking forward to it! Since that moment some changes took place in my meal plan and in my training process... I was totally illiterate, even though I thought that I was doing everything right having read all those articles, etc., but probably it was all about my body structure. And now I look at myself in the mirror, I see my new muscles and I thank destiny for helping me meet my experienced teacher!
Dasha, thank you for your course 'Basics of nutrition and fitness'. It taught me how to eat clean and how to form my training programs! My shape totally changed thanks to you! Thank you!!!


I loved the course so much! The atmosphere was so relaxed and pleasurable, and the information was interesting and comprehensible. All the questions arising during the seminar were answered.:) Despite the lack of time and sleep I would get up early in the morning on weekends feeling happy, and after that I would be looking forward to the next class.:) In general, time during the seminar would fly by without any notice!
As for me, the course gave me the exact understanding of nutrition and training principles, the desire to develop further in this direction, as well as meeting new interesting people!
Thank you, girls :)

Yuliya Chernova

I want to start my feedback with saying that Dasha is a super positive and very goal-oriented person. I came across her page on the Internet, wrote to her, we agreed to meet in the gym, then we started our personal training, and now I am so grateful to her!!!!! Besides the personal training, she helped me form my nutrition plan (very tasty) and started controlling me on training and nutrition. While we were on a training session, Dasha would not leave me for even a second, she would control my breath, my back, exercise techniques. After the training I could barely walk out of the gym, but it was only physical, emotionally I was bursting in energy: I was ready to train more and more and I would still have energy left for other things. But sometimes laziness catches us all, people do get lazy at times, and Dasha could feel this moment very carefully and would give me a great motivation, so my laziness would fade away!!!! I am so grateful to her for everything she has done for me. Thanks to her not only did I lose weight, but I have also gained self-confidence that I have never felt before! Thank you for everything!!!! If my favorite trainer ever comes back to town, I would no doubt start training with her again!!!!

Natalia Pleshakova

Why have I ever decided to take part in this? I am one of those whose pictures are sorted by Before and After. The way from a sweet chubby girl to a thin lady was quite long and time-consuming. I had enough information for that, but it was in such a mess in my head. That is why when I saw the registration for the course open, I decided to take part in it right away. Dasha is a hard-working perfectionist, and that is why I had no doubt I will get the material in the proper manner. The whole course was divided into several parts which helped me get the big portion of information clear. The course was covering all important things. What I also liked about the course was the relaxed atmosphere and support of other participants, as the questions were different, but Dasha would always answer all of them. In general, I can only give positive feedback on the course, as it helped me figure out with how to work further in order to improve my results and reach the best form for my body. And I thank Dasha for that.

Irina Pakhomova

There is a famous eastern proverb which says: 'If you wish to feed a hungry man, do not give him fish, but give him a fishing rod'. I get more and more convinced that it is absolutely correct for any sphere of life. And on the way to a good shape 'fish' will not help, and I have proved it on my own experience. What I mean is that no matter how long you have been sitting on various 'very effective' diets which are so popular today on the Internet (buckwheat, Japanese, kefir diets, etc.), no matter how often you start following popular groups in social networks like 'Lose weight fast, lose weight eating tasty food, lose weight like we did and even more!', you will not reach the result you are counting for or you will, but not for long.
In this direction Darya Karelina's course "Basics of nutrition and fitness" turned out to be a real 'rod' for me, and Dasha appeared as a professional 'fisher' who was teaching us to fish in the proper manner. By the moment I came across this course, I was already going to the gym and I tried to eat clean and with Dasha's help I was trying to understand the truth that in order to lose weight you should eat! ... But the proper understanding of how it works was not coming to me. But I wanted it so much! I wanted to create my own diet plan and change it from time to time depending on my current goals, I wanted to come to the gym without being shy and tense and work hard to reach my goal. The course did not only give me knowledge, but also the proper vision of the fact that our body is a very smart machine, that the result you need is easy to reach if you know the way the machine works!
Now I know WHY popular diets give only temporary result and why each pound lost brings two along, now I write nutrition plans to myself and to other people and they work! By the way, about 'other people': my sister who wanted to drop some weight for vacation lost 15 pounds by following my diet program, but the main thing for me was that her appreciation for showing this program to her, for teaching her how to eat clean! All other girls losing weight for vacation eat mainly cucumbers and yogurt, and she could have 5 meals a day, lose weight and not feel hungry all the time! Yeah! I can now 'rule' my macros in the way I need at the moment – drop here, shred here, gain here. And it is an amazing feeling – feeling of control over my own body!!! By starting with planning my diet and raising control over my own body I started planning my life and having control over everything that happens to me as well. )))
Speaking about sports, I could not dare to go to the gym for ... 3 years. I was planning and postponing, planning and postponing, of course! 9-hour or even 12-hour working day, a husband, a little kid – a standard package of fake excuses. But honestly, as I see it now, it was a subconscious fear to come there and ... not even realize what to do there with the dumbbell set, with a barbell, among those hell machines surrounded by big (and not so big) puffing and screaming men. What did the course give me? After finishing it I can now tell everyone how the fat-burning program differs from the mass-gaining program, how to create different programs and I can even write a program for anyone. I do not do that at all as of yet, as I believe to write programs for people I should gain 10-times larger experience than I have now. ))) But I have enough information for myself at the moment. The main thing is that now I know how muscles work, in which manner basic exercises differ from isolating ones, which exercises are better to begin the training with and which – to end it, how to form sets, etc.
What else? I also know that protein is a weakest steroid. Just kidding. Do not think anything bad. Now I know what those proteins, BCAA, aminos are for and when one should take them. I know now when to have a cardio session: before or after a weight training if you want to lose weight. ))) I know all answers to lots of questions which girls usually ask in different blogs.
Some people might object to my words and say that there are tons of information on the Internet now, you should simply read and watch. Yes, I agree, there are tons. But in order to sift out ashes from cinders, to figure out where the truth is, where the lies, and where is a hidden commercial, you should waste a lot of time, not only to read and watch, but to try, to make mistakes, to try again. You should have plenty of patience, to spend years for actually doing something, but not seeing any results on your body. My time is precious for me, and I am a very impatient person, that is why Dasha's course was a great catch for me – precise, clear, wise, and convenient for my schedule, with the opportunity to revise the materials again, to ask questions and to receive answers for them, to get everything as comprehensible as possible. As the course was called "Basics of nutrition and fitness", I got those basics very well, and then I decided to move on and read, learn, watch more, read again and try new things. But when you know the basics, it is much easier to investigate everything further.)))
Oh, and the main thing!!!)) The classes with Dasha were really interesting! Thanks to Dasha, thanks to all my 'classmates' of my electronic class!! I learned from you a lot, too! I wish there were more projects like that...

Ziborova Nadezhda

Four days that helped me believe in myself!
I had met Dasha way before she became a great trainer and a nutritionist. I remember her several years ago standing in a row devoted to First day at School, and she was telling me that she had decided to start helping people become beautiful, and I thought that it was what I always wanted! As back then I was 35 years old weighing 204 lbs and being 5'4" tall. I was scared to look at myself in the mirror! And 5 years before that I was only 163 lbs and had amazing curves and a good shape! Eating tasty, greasy food and sitting in the office all day long served me a black deed. Plenty of times I was going to start working out, but would find thousands of reasons to avoid the gym starting from "I don't know what to do there" and ending with "Everyone is going to look at me" and so on. Frankly speaking, fitness is not my cup of tea either; jumping in a group of ladies is not what I like.
I talked to Dasha and decided to start training with her, but as it usually happens, an important question rose in front of me – MONEY. My husband told me we could not afford it until we pay for the office, for school, for the car service... then no problem! But we know perfectly well that a family will always find a way to spend extra money and most likely on more important tasks of higher priorities first. Two months later the situation did not change at all, and I thought that maybe I could not start visiting the gym, but I surely could start following her nutrition recommendations.
Honestly, I did not stick to the menu strictly, but I tried to follow the main recommendations given to me by Dasha which were 5-6 meals a day including basic meals and snacks, taking meals out in containers with me, avoiding frying meat on a pan and baking meat in oven or in convection oven instead, counting my macros, avoiding fruits before going to bed, using whole-wheat flour for baking bread, adding whole grain macaroni and brown rice into the menu. My husband and my daughter both liked the new menu.
And the result appeared soon! YAY, I COULD PUT MY OLD JEANS ON!!!
I had lost 11 pounds by New Year's Eve, and it only took me 2 months!!! I weighed about 180 lbs by summer, but my goal was to reach 155 lbs. Being so excited from receiving tons of compliments on my new looks I gave up my diet. I started having 3 meals a day again, eating mayonnaise and chocolate bars... And then again, I saw 187 lbs on my scales – and I got scared! I started thinking about clean eating and sports once again, but MONEY was on my way and THIS IS OUR BIGGEST DELUSION EVER! All that time I was reading Dasha's blog and I was talking to her, I could see how she was changing while I stood on one spot.
I could not find the gym to go to, but instead I found a great and – what's important – ABSOLUTELY FREE place for sports and running – our Victory Park. My husband joined me in this deal. A week of moderate training and running along the bank of the river – and I started feeling a lot better and was not tired by the end of the day. And the main thing! Due to some circumstances I happened to visit Dasha at her wonderful apartment full of light and comfort in the middle of July for 4 days, and I tried to 'eat like Dasha', to be certain, even to eat with her.
It turned out to be simple as ABC and TOTALLY DELICIOUS!!! Pancakes made with whole-wheat flour, pancakes with oatmeal and kefir/yogurt, protein pancakes, potato and chicken baked in a bake roll, beef stew, rice pilaf, HONEY, cottage cheese, corn and berries – yummy! Going for a walk with my child I was taking meals with me, and we would have a lunch or a snack in the street, and no one even cared. Having some cottage cheese with a sweetener and kefir/yogurt or some fried eggs before going to bed made me feel so full! And of course, I drank lots of WATER! As a result, ONLY FOUR DAYS LATER I LOST FOUR AND A HALF POUNDS!!! But despite this fact, I was full of energy and power and I was walking around Kiev all day long! When I saw those precious 174 lbs on a scale, I was totally amazed!!! Me and Dasha shopped together at a grocery store and it turned out that clean eating was not as expensive as I thought! Taking into consideration the current economic situation I was sure that clean eating was not affordable to me – IT WAS JUST A SELF-DECEIT!
YES, it may be a little more expensive than a usual food pack, but it is totally worth it! Your health, good feeling and self-esteem, belief in your own power to change everything cannot be measured in any currency!!! Look how much of wonderful information and useful recommendations are given by Dasha FOR FREE and IN ALL SINCERITY!!!! Lack of money is not a reason for tying it all off, it is a simple fake excuse – and now I know it for sure! And even if it seems complicated and hard to follow everything on your own, but the desire to change your life is strong enough, you can ask your family, your friends, your parents to present you with something useful from Dasha's website as a gift for New Year or for your birthday instead of a new phone, new perfume or a huge celebration party, be sure it will help you take first steps into the right direction. Russian people remember the words of Maestro in Leonid Bykov's film 'Only 'old men' are going to battle': "There are moments in this life when no one can help you, you are born on your own and you die on your own". If you wish to change yourself, no one will ever do this for you! I WANT TO BE THIN AGAIN AND I WILL BE THIN!!! AS EVERYTHING IS IN MY HANDS!

Irina Bulygyna

Hello Daria! I’ve been thinking about writing you a lot and thanking you for inspiring me. Almost a year ago, when I was having my vacation by the seaside, I was confident that despite weighing 187 pounds I looked great and sexy. But on the beach my eyes got opened and I decided to change the way I looked (and myself, too). I remember googling some information about exercising on my way home. That’s when I came across your website. It was the only website where I found actual useful information on fitness and nutrition. I remember freaking out every time the Internet connection stopped working, and I couldn’t read another article. In December, I started going to the gym. I’ve lost 30 pounds in nine months. My current weight is 152 pounds and it keeps going down! Thanks for inspiring me!

Natalya Gullsten

Natalia is super-persistent. That’s her after one month of eating healthy. She started losing weight together with Liza. She hasn’t started going to the gym yet. But she’s improved her diet, even though it was difficult at first. I’m glad she’s making progress.

September 1, 2012


Anna is from my hometown. We met at a restaurant to discuss her food plan. She was so fun to be around that the time just flew by. Anna’s done a great job! She worked really hard overcoming all the difficulties and trying to go into the root of the problem. Her results are a testament to that. Anna keeps on working on herself. I’m sure she’ll achieve her goals soon!

Weight: 121 pounds (-11 pounds)


Anna’s story:

“My name’s Anna, I’m 26 years old. I got overweight after my second pregnancy. One day I realized that being 5.1 feet tall my weight was 143 pounds! I decided it was time for me to lose weight. I started going to a nearby gym three times a week and sort of ‘eating right’ by cutting down on most of the foods and eating only kefir, fruits, and veggies. As a result, I lost 11 pounds in four months, but that’s what my scales were saying, while visually my body didn’t appear to have changed at all. I hadn’t lost a pound over the next two months, and I was tired of constantly being hungry. That’s when I realized I needed help. I’d been following Dasha’s success for quite a while and decided to sign up for personal training. Perhaps, it was the most important decision I made in 2012. Within just a month of eating following Dasha’s advice, or to be more precise trying to eat following her advice ;-) I lost as many as 11 pounds!!!! Of course, it was difficult at times. No, I’m not speaking about having a breakdown and eating something unhealthy (and not because I have a super strong will-power). It’s hard to make yourself eat every 2 to 3 hours (or 6-7 times a day!). Usually I had time for just two or even one meal a day. It was difficult for me to get used to not only eating often, but also to the size of the servings. What kind of diet is that when even a snack makes you feel full, not mentioning lunch and dinner? I had trouble replacing the foods, so it’s better to follow the menu carefully at first, to avoid making mistakes. Despite all my lapses, my weight keeps going down which makes me so happy ;-) I owe Dasha for that. She offers a truly individual approach, and without her support I think I’d give it up the same week. But Dasha knows how to inspire people and gives valuable advice when needed. Her advice and support are priceless! I’m very happy to have met such a wonderful person and a real fitness professional!”


Elena is a true athlete!  I was amazed when I first read her message where she was describing her workouts. Elena is doing yoga, intensive interval workouts, goes jogging, and goes to the gym. She wanted to learn how to eat healthy, because without it all her workouts didn’t yield the desired results. Although she was close ;-) Despite various difficulties, she made it. I was flabbergasted when I saw her results! I only helped her improve her diet, and we saw what a beauty sports turned her into. I wish Elena further success and development!

Weight: 126 pounds (-5.7 pounds)

Waist: 25 inches (-2 inches)

Hips: 36 inches (-2 inches)


First of all, Yana needed to learn how to each healthy and lose some body fat. I made a food plan and a workout plan for her, and helped her with advice when she needed it. As for the rest, Yana was working on her own. She’s a quick learner. Currently, we’re working on muscle mass gain.

Results achieved in one month:

Weight: 116 pounds (-8 pounds)

Yana’s been exercising on her own. I was just guiding her. Her results are amazing! She’s done a great job.

After she lost excess body fat, we started working on gaining muscle mass. After that, we burned some excess body fat again.

Below are Yana’s results achieved in six months:

Current weight: 111 pounds


Polina is an amazing person. I’ve been working with her for one month, too. From now on, armed with the new knowledge, she’s going start working on her body on her own. With her persistence, I’m sure she’ll achieve her goals soon! Especially given the fact that she’s found a great inspiration.

October 11, 2012
Height: 5.4 feet
Weight:  118 pounds (-7 pounds)
Hips: 36 inches (-1 inch)
Waist: 24 inches (-1.2 inches)
Hip (one): 20 inches (-1.2 inches)
Chest: 34 inches (-0,2 inches)


Polina’s story:

“My story:

Back then (almost six years ago), my weight was 143 pounds and my height was 5.4 feet. I’ve never been skinny, but I’d gained that weight over just one year because of my sedentary life and continual overeating due to stress. I focused on my diet (standard rules, such as cutting down on carbs and fat, and eliminating white flour foods) and started going to the gym. I was doing aerobics. As a result, I lost my first 11 pounds in about six months. I kept on doing what I was doing, and gradually I lost 11 more pounds in about half a year, too. My new eating habits had become a part of me, which allowed me to maintain that weight for the next five years. Naturally, I had my fluctuations: I would gain 4 to 6 pounds in winter because that’s when we tend to eat more and have less psychical activity, but after that I would lose 11 to 13 pounds on some strict diet. On rare occasions, my weight went down to 117 pounds but I couldn’t keep it, and to see that number I almost had to starve. So, I almost put up with the idea that my ‘normal’ weight was around 121 pounds. I just thought that I knew everything about healthy eating (I was eating ‘healthier’ than anyone I knew: I didn’t eat fast foods, had dried fruits and marmalade for dessert, and vegetables as a side dish; if I was eating oatmeal, it was just a couple of spoons; bread – 1 to 2 slices; I almost eliminated fats (which you should never do!), and so on). Yes, I understood I needed to work out right. I tried to go to the gym and I wasn’t afraid of ‘iron’ and exercises with weights. However, within just 1 to 2 months, my weight, along with my dimensions, went up (now I know why: I ate more and so gained muscles along with body fat)!

I was confused. I didn’t understand why girls of my height and weight look skinnier than me. I didn’t understand how other people lived not in periods – gained some weight, lost it, gained more weight, lost it – but managed to maintain their weight the whole year round.

I realized I needed professional help. I’m lucky to have met Dasha on the Internet. I fell in love with her optimism, believe, and dedication!

Not mentioning her achievements in sports and self-development.

So, I met Dasha about a month ago. She offered me several options of collaboration. I chose ‘maximum intervention’ meaning full one-month support in terms of nutrition and workouts.

I can’t find words to describe HOW MUCH I was surprised when Dasha showed me how far my ‘right’ diet was from an actually right diet.  

Turns out you can eat healthy and have various foods, don’t feel hungry and lose weight!

I’m not going to lie to you, it had been some time before I learned how to follow all the recommendations. At first, wanting to get faster results, I cut down on fats and carbs too much and it affected my health – I had weakness, apathy and didn’t want to do anything at all. I’m glad I had Dasha. She helped me correct my mistakes – my diet got to include more whole grains that are healthy, slow-burning carbs.

It took me a while to understand the principles of eating various kinds of foods throughout the day (cut down on fats and carbs in the evening and afternoon, eat before workouts, and so on), but luckily Dasha was guiding me there, too ;-)

An essential part of my path to success was psychological work, as well as working with my fears and complexes. Dasha helped me understand who I was. It turned out I, with all my cucumbers and baked turkey, was afraid of being ‘flawless’ in the eyes of others who were eating cakes and fried pork! I was afraid of hurting someone by refusing to eat something I was treated to, because this treat wasn’t part of my diet.

In other words, it was exciting and sometimes hard. But Dasha proved to be not only a great trainer and guide, but also a great partner and friend. I’m not trying to advertise her, no. It’s how I’m saying THANK YOU to Dasha for everything she’s done for me.

Still, these words don’t express even 5% of what I’m feeling right now =)

My experience has inspired several people who I’ve been friends with. Noticing my new diet and changes in my body, people started asking me questions, wondering how I’d achieved that. It’s very flattering to be an example for someone. It gives me inspiration to keep on working.

Also, I decided to participate in a contest they’re holding in my gym once in a while. It’s about the most extreme body transformation. Dasha’s prepared a new workout plan for me with focus on muscles, and given me more nutrition advice.

My life’s changed for the better =)

So why don’t you try to do something for yourself, for your body right now, and experience these changes, too?


We’ve been working with Sasha for a month. She was a skinny girl and had a nice body, but wanted to get rid of her excess fat. It’s very difficult for skinny people to lose fat, as well as improve skin elasticity and build muscle. Sasha had been trying to stick to a balanced diet and wanted to finally learn how to each healthy.

Sasha’s done a great job. She’s achieved her goals. She’s improved her diet. She’s been going to the gym but has no opportunity to do that on a regular basis. From now on, I’m letting Sasha go and focus on working out with another trainer who’s living in the same city she does.

Her results are not that obvious because she hasn’t lost a lot of weight. But I understand skinny girls’ desire to improve their fitness and lose excess fat. I wish Sasha success in her struggle for an improved body. It’s a difficult but rewarding process ;-) And I’ll always be happy to help her with advice when needed.

October 10, 2012

Height: 5.6 feet
Weight: 111 pounds (-4 pounds)
Chest: 32 inches (-1.2 inches)
Waist: 25 inches (-1 inch)
Hips: 35 inches (-0.8 inches)


That’s my mom. We’re still working on her body. We’ve agreed to upload her pictures after we achieve our goal. In the meantime, I’d like to share my mom’s story for you to realize that it’s all real. My mom eats healthy, workouts three times a week (all-round workout), and works out with her Orbitrek daily (in the morning and in the evening because currently she’s living a pretty sedentary lifestyle).


Here’s my mom’s story and her experience that she wants to share with the readers of my blog:

“I want to share with you my experience, worries and problems that I’ve been facing while losing weight. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful or will recognize yourselves in my story. Especially, it’s true for women in their forties and older ;-) those who have a family and children with all the ensuing consequences…

I’d like to begin my story with a foreword. All my life, I’ve been trying to control my weight (probably, like most of the women). I tried various diets, acupuncture, weight loss pills… Huge experience, different feelings and results depending on my age and period of life. Thus, at age 18 when I gave birth to my first child, my weight was 187 pounds (my height is 5.6 feet)! It was a catastrophe!!! But I pulled myself together, went on a diet, started working out and six months later my weight went down to 117 pounds. Having tried a lot of various “weight loss recipes,” I have a bunch of other stories to share but only now, when I’m 45 years old, I have finally understood, with the help of my daughter (thank you, darling!) that only a healthy, balanced diet and sports can actually help me. With my low blood pressure, those ‘experiments’ would give me nothing but health problems and faints from hunger. Women of my age and older know what I mean. With each year, we lose more in our fight with excess weight and sometimes it seems that you gain those pounds ‘from eating air.’ The morning is no longer good for you and looking at your own body doesn’t make you happy, either… But I was the only one in my family to understand the importance of eating healthy (and my family are all real foodies), so I of course received no moral support at all. My husband and my mother were both trying to convince me that my weight was okay for my age, and only my fifteen-year old son appeared to understand me. My daughter was my distance guide and trainer, because she lives with her family in a different city, even though it’s not very far.

Thus, I started my new life all alone. My husband (who is overweight, by the way) said that he was not going to play by my rules and that his life and diet were going to be the same. At first, seeing all my efforts, he’d always say, ‘Eat something. I’m not going to tell our daughter…’ My mother was trying to make me eat something ‘unhealthy’ too, saying, ‘What makes you think you’re fat? You’re normal. Have a bun, it won’t harm you.’ And it went on and on… On top of that, I cook and bake for my family every day. My son’s growing up and eats a lot. I think many of you know that it’s like. However, he supports me and doesn’t let me ‘have a bite’ of something I shouldn’t eat. My first month without carbs was the hardest, but then I got used to it. Now I can easily look at chocolate, cakes and fried foods without feeling the temptation. For me, the most difficult part was to make myself work out. I’ve been hating sports since I was a kid. And expecting fast results… Those who tried dieting at a young age know what I mean. In the past, when I was 25, I could lose up to 11 pounds in just one week, while now it takes me about a month of following my daughter’s nutrition advice and working out to lose that much weight. Currently, my weight wouldn’t go down. Perhaps, my body’s adapted to my new lifestyle and exercise. Today, I’m moving onto the next stage. I plan to start working out intensively despite my laziness, and do sit-ups. I want to prove to myself in the first place that I can look good at any age. I just need to work hard and not go with the steam. I don’t want to excuse myself that there are women who look much worse than me… But the feeling of ‘lightness’ is unforgettable! When I lost my first 5 pounds, I was ‘flying’ as if I’d lost 20!

One of my single and ‘plump’ friends once said, ‘You have a family, a husband and kids. Why torture yourself? You need to learn how to love you the way you are…’ Dear girls, it’s so untrue!!! Your husband looks at your differently when you’re wearing a dress that’s been too small for you for the last five years! Your children are proud of you and your son-in-law pays you compliments (which is priceless!), while you yourself no longer remember how old you are!  Work hard, try to change your life, find something to inspire you (I imagine myself wearing a bikini while enjoying my vacation in some far-away exotic country). Believe me, it changes your outlook and your life gets better! I do hope my story will help someone take their first step. Of course, I don’t aim to look like my beautiful daughter Dasha, but I want to show myself at my best when being around her, and let my children further be proud of their mother ;-)

If you have any questions, contact me. Each of us has her own experience and problems, so let’s share them. Let’s make our body and life beautiful together!”


We’ve uploaded some pictures of my mom with her clothes on. We’ve barely found them. My mother didn’t like to be photographed and you understand why. It’s hard to see the results yet. But she doesn’t want to be photographed in a bikini yet, because she still has some fat to lose. I’ve attached a couple of new pictures of my mom. There’ll be a new story soon with more pictures!



Liza is a wonderful person.

That’s her after one month of balanced eating and three weeks of working out. I’ve been working with her online. She’s very hardworking and diligent. I truly enjoy working with her ;-)

Liza’s story:

Liza’s story (continuation):    

The continuation of her story:  

October 21, 2012 

Weight: 113 pounds (-3 pounds)

A new story: