As an experienced and certified personal trainer, nutritionist, photo- and videomodel I offer the following services:

Personal nutrition plan

  • Weight & Fat Loss/Management
  • Sports Nutrition & Strength Building (Athletes or Intense Exercisers)
  • Diabetes Education (Diabetes Type 1 & 2, Pre-Diabetes, Gestational, Hypo/Hyperglycemia)
  • High Cholesterol, Triglycerides & Blood Pressure
  • Pre-Post Natal Nutrition & Pediatric Nutrition

Meal plans:

  • All of meal plans are customized and tailor-made to meet clients specific needs and preferences. For example, I can create  Gluten Free, Weight Loss, Low Glycemic, Low Carb, Cholesterol-Fighting, Anti-Inflammatory, Muscle-Building, Metabolism Boosting, Etc.
  • Supplement recommendations 

Personal workout plan 

  • Weight & Fat Loss 
  • Streight, indurance
  • Prepairing for competition 
  • Special needs
  • Any physical conditions 
  • Etc

Consulting on healthy lifestyle 
In person or online

Grocery tour

Personal training services
One on one, dual or group sessions

You can also hire me as a host or a model (photo and video)

With any inquiries please contact me via